KODO Drummers

When it was announced that the KODO Drummers would be in town back in the summer at the Overture Center, as part of this season’s international Festival, I was completely thrilled as I have always found this show to be one that captivates my feelings of inner connections to my surroundings through sounds. The rhythm and beats which carry rediscovered traditional roots and values come alive and take control one strike of a drum at a time. Moments of silence huddle close to sounds of thunderous storms while bodies cores are being challenged to their pounding limits. There is a primal fierceness but certainly a child-like playful side as well mixing in some humorous musical skits while peeking the audiences curiosity as to where this now moment will lead them. From the moment the drummers came out on stage until the time of the “great drum” the audience was ready to explode with appreciation for this unique fervent flavor, fulfilling the translation of KODOHEARTBEAT. The sounds of taiko is felt in the body as much as it is heard….it is like the pulse of mother nature and while in attendance it may just sit you in her lap and allow the beat of her heart to take you over too.


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