Dixie Does Madison

If you want to laugh, and I mean pee your pants over and over laugh…try heading to Dixie’s Tupperware Party. With the bar open and the uses for plastic products as surprising as who might just think it to be a good idea to use Tupperwares in the bedroom, it is as fun to look around and watch the party goers as it is to be an active part of the show (especially when you escape being chosen). Dixie has the run of the place at the Overture until November 2nd, so don’t deny yourself the need for plastic storage with a strange twist and a good laugh. This is a top notch Tupperware extravaganza complete with on the spot humor that reminds you just how much people want to laugh hard out loud….and buy bundles of that plastic crap. I walk away, still just regular friends—but I can say ” I had a fun time at a Tupperware Party”

Thanks Dixie.


Check out my chat with Dixie here.

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