1st time in Madison w/Xavier Rudd

Well, the audience inside the Majestic Theater certainly did their best to make our pal Xavier Rudd feel at home here in Madtown. From the moment his bare feet hit the stage people were giving out those warm Madison welcomes that seem at times to melt many artists w/a happy surprise (I always will remember Chali 2 Na‘s face when the crowd here erupted). Mixing in tracks fro the new album (Dark Shades of Blue) with a variety of what now feel like old favorites or a comfortable blanket from our musical childhood, the show was soothing with times stepping away from the didgeridoo kit & gave us some acoustical slide action. There were moments when worlds seemed to collide and the paste holding them together was some serious jams, keep on rockin’ in a free world…..wouldn’t it be nice?!!! I know after this show that Xavier Rudd is doing his part to try and make it more than a slogan.

Check out my most recent conversation with Xavier Here.


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