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FUTUJARA – hybrid fujara, 5 instruments in one!!!

The Futujara is our experimental instrument which was made in collaboration with Max Brumberg.
It have unique possibility to connect 4 different tubes in 4 keys: C,D, A and G, and if you disconnect all playing tubes you get overtone flute in A. But futujara is not only multi-key set of fujara, it also gives you amazing possibility to play in totally different way! The hose attached to futujara makes it really maneuverable and you can use technique which is used in playing on kalyuka, russian overtone flute (see the video for details).

1. Five instruments in one: four fujaras (C,D,A,G) and one overtone flute in A!
2. Extremely maneaurable. The hose gives you possibility to use kalyuka technique
3. Very well tuned in western concert temperated tuning
4. Collapsible (no hassle during transportation)
5. Extremely light
6. Professional quality of sound
7. The holes are close together so you can use different fingering and apply the techniques from other flutes (see video for details)
8. Very easy to play, everybody can start playing right away!

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