JFJO rides in to Madison

Man can the Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey really put the groove on. Oh, in case you didn’t know, JFJO has a new album out…“Lil Tae Rides Again” out on both Hyena Records and 1320 Records. They do in fact play this whole album as their set, which is totally fine with me. The story of a day in the life of an elementary school child translates into music that is essentially a part of all of us. While in Madison, the backdrop was a beautiful lake scene mixing night clouds with the slipping sunset. With a Pink Floyd flavor at times, I found myself memorized with the animal scenes trampling in the backdrop of a movie screen and the obvious innovative spirit that oozed out from under the Spinal Tapped cloaks….this was everything and more than I was expecting and would highly recommend this show to fans of the jams, a good interpretation of our classical whereabouts and the memory of childhood times. The show and the album prove to me that after several years and albums under their belt, JFJO still has what it takes to redefine themselves while never shaking the importance of their music and what it can do to a fresh set of ears.

Check out my conversation with Brian Haas, founder/pianist of Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey here.


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