Boogaloo with my W O R T

I always am pleased to have an opportunity to be a part of the local listener sponsored community radio station here in Madison, WORT. Today I got to host the ever popular Journeys into Jazz program from 2-5pmCST and had a Boogaloo of a good time.

Time After time- Miles Davis (live)
Inside Straight- Cannon Reloaded
Were you Followed?- Bobby Previte & the new Bump
Just Say it- Dafnis Prieto Sextet
Prime Time- Bobby Ricketts
Right on- Javon Jackson
Cat & Bug- Skeebo Knight
Peter’s Pistol- Skeebo Knight
Chickens & Waffles- Soul Summit (live)
Swap Meet- Robert Walter
Grease Monkey- the Diplomats of Solid Sound
Mr Lucky- Jack McDuff
A Real Gone Guy- Joe Krown Organ Trio
Evil Turn- Dr Lonnie Smith
Davis (in Memory)- Out to Lunch
In the Bag- Mike LeDonne
House of the Rising Son- Papa Joey Defrancesco
Higher Ground- Marcus Miller
Slang- Doug Johns
What is Hip?- Marcus Miller
Sifu- Victor Wooten
Window Text- Vijay Iyer
Dos Caminos- Omar Sosa (live)
Machine Days- Vijay Iyer
Ney ney weleba- Etenesh & Le Tigre
Daxxar- Steve Reid Ensemble
Call of the Wily- Greg Tate’s Garage Band
the Lonely Bull- Liquid Soul
Charthel Hill- Jeff Coffin & Charlie Peacock
Muziqawi Silt- Etenesh & Le Tigre

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