Supreme Beings of Leisure: 11i

Well, let em start by mentioning how I spoke to my psych…I mean a friend of mines’ therapist and they told me that she said it is perfectly fine to fall in love with a new album. I mean, c’mon. I have and you might too. Supreme Beings of Leisure has managed to capture cool and sexy so you don’t have to…..and you can now focus on your outfit of the evening or the appropriate number and colors of candles. The third album of the alluring Geri Soriano-Lightwood & Ramin Sakurai is enchanting with hypnotizing tales within states of adreamy chilled out sophistication like a stream-lined martini served on an icy day…..smooth and dangerous. Each track from the dynamic go point of THE LIGHT to the “space is the place” departure of the closing point of LAY ME DOWN, there is a mysterious magnet in the voice, and a familiar yet undiscovered beat to the sounds rendering the listener, well in my case…..TAKEN. This album has become a recent exploration and with each visit I find new favorite moments and spots I missed prior that draw out a smile on my face. The concept album idea is one which evolves within many of an artist and in this album, there is more then meets the eyes….and the ears are catching on.

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Supreme Beings of Leisure: 11i
Supreme Beings of Leisure 11i Ryko 2008

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