Galactic & Da FISH

Last night Madison was in DA HOUSE at the Majestic. Galactic brought its from the corner to the block funk sounds to our neighborhood and the crowd was ready, set and man did they go. Both the band and the audience seemed to be on top of their evenings game plan. Galactic provided the back-sound of real home grown funk that started at the click of Stanton’s drum stick and didn’t stop until the whole gang arrived. The audience was giving back the love to the band and especially when they introduced Mr. Chali 2na of Jurassic 5 onto the stage. I could tell by his eyes that he was touched deeply by the warmth of the reception the room provided. There was a track or two from J5 and DA FISH kept it real, just like we like it here in MadCity. There was a wave of arms dancing to the hip hop thang and bodies shakin’ themselves silly to the funky lines being dropped. With the cold air left outside, the heat was turned up as Galactic took us through a music journey that was reminiscent of strolling down a N’Orleans block, where each turn can weave into an unexpected mesh of artists doin’ their thing. They even took a moment to reflect on the past, busting out treats from the snack jar—Manic Depression & Immigrant Song. The latter ended the show in a swarm of head bobbing, and when the whole gang arrived back onstage, including members of the opener Ohmega Watts, the room filled up with the rhythm and soul that a good funkin’ leaves behind, a lasting memory allowing myself to attempt to learn some new adjectives. This was a show that was better than expected even when expectations were out of sight. Go Galactify yourself and keep DA FISH fed with the love.


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