Ahhh…remember being a kid..What’s that you say…YOU are now just a BIG kid. Alright, I am with that. For those that are funky kids at heart, mind and soul comes this special release FUNKY KIDZ, a groovy grouping of some funkified classic hits for children and yes, even us BIG KIDS. This collection features some of New Orleans’ finest musicians and statesmen such as: Bonerama, Big Sam’s Funky Nation, Ivan Neville’s Dupstaphunk, The Radiators and Walter “Wolfman” Washington & the Roadmasters. The songs are classic tracks that children of all ages will have been in contact with and can even sing and oh yes, dance along like nobody is watching. These songs are meant to invoke happy memories of childhood while exposing some new and younger ears to the FUN-ky, high instrumentation sound that oozes out of the Crescent City. If you were evenr a kid growing up, this album might just be the one thing that’ll remind you of those time…Have a FUNKY good time.

2008 ASAP Productions Inc. FUNKY KIDZ

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