Lovespirals-Long Way From Home

Lovespirals have hit no only their stride on this third album, Long Way From Home, but also hit a warmth in my ear. Combining the dreamy folk and rock of their 2002 debut, Windblown Kiss, with the soulful jazz and blues of 2005 follow-up Free & Easy, the duo seamlessly blend their past works and listens with new sounds and styles. More than melancholic music, there is a sense that they traveled with you on similar & familiar roads with the radio tuned to the same left of the dial station in the middle of wherever. After nearly a decade of artistic collaboration between singer/songwriter, Anji Bee, & multi instrumentalist & producer, Ryan Lum, it is no wonder that they have managed to put together an album of answers to questions yet asked with a subtle sultry sense of sound security. Lovespirals have gained many new fans, from both their heavy involvement with the digital music revolution & their growing popularity in the podcasting world. They were a forerunner of band pocdasting, launching Chillin’ with Lovespials in mid-2005. This Podshow syndicated podcast has detailed their work on Long Way From Home, leaking clips of songs in progress, as well as remixes, live recordings & demos w/ thousands of listeners monthly. Bee’s popular podsafe music podcast, The Chillcast, has won the band additional fans due in no small part to her stature as “the sexiest voice in podcasting.” The album’s first podsafe single, “Motherless Child”, was remixed by indie bands including Karmacoda, Hungry Lucy, and MoShang, for a digital EP which is entirely podsafe.

Try this album on for yourself.
2007 Ryan Lum/Anji Bee

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