A Barrymore Celebration

Last night was spent hanging out in a setting that was G-RATE. (GREAT) The Barrymore Theatre had an invitation only party to celebrate many things including the PACKERS/GIANTS game on Sunday, so many folks were dressed in their Packer green & yellow. There was a pot luck of delicious treats that kept my insides warm and free beer, free good beer I should mention most of the night. There was a live DJ and equipment set up for people to jam together on stage and until 10pm, the young ones were allowed to run, jump and have fun there own chosen way. It was a great way to get connected up with some kind folks and certainly, the Barrymore is always a happenin’ spot regardless of the invite only or concert night status. The scene here is very fitting for the always changing chameleon that is greenarrowradio. A big thank you to Steve and his Barrymore staff for making it a night to set all other things aside and have a good time. THANKS!


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