Dan Hicks & the Hot Licks

The High Noon Saloon was the spot for the Holidaze in Hicksville as Mr. Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks graced our Madison grounds with a true treat, as a matter of fact, this one goes down as a classic. Not only was it the season for holiday cheer as only Dan Hicks can share (I believe the one phrase in the show was lets get these Christmas songs out of the way, hey hey) , but it was also Mr. Hicks’ birthday. There was even a cake. Oh yeah there was a show. As expected except better, the show seemed to be more than a show, an experience. Folk swing is somewhat the style of the music, but man…..there was some kicked up blues riffs, so finely timed dance steps and a barrel, check that, a building filled with a humor so sincere to this night that you couldn’t go home without feeling connected. There were plenty of old classics to rejoice in….from I Scare Myself (which really blew the top off the place)and the nights closer of How can I Miss You When You Won’t go Away, but for me the stopper was the rendition of the Tom Waits song The Piano Has Been Drinking. While this show can be compared to others in the long and brilliant career of Dan Hicks, there was so many thrilled audience members that I would have sworn this was there first time witnessing the event that is Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks. I also noticed that while the room was filled up nicely, there was plenty of room for some younger ears, I really think that this music and the way it is presented to a crowd is something for the younger crowds to share in. Madison’s own Harmonious Wail and their Gypsy Swing music opened the show and was all that I have heard people say and more. Be sure to check them out also.

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Mr. Dan Hicks and MisterG 12/09/07

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