CBGB (OMFUG) forever.

You like punk rock? You like the sounds of underground rock -n- roll? TRUE punked out rock and roll? Let me tell you what should be in your player tomorrow and there is no surprise it is a Wicked Cool Records release. Long known to have the best sound of any room in the world, where the sounds would begin to live within your body..CBGB‘s was and will always be a legend of and within New York City’s underground music scene. Thankfully some of the artists of that scene trickled out above ground now and again. Hilly Kristal started it in 1973 and even though the initials stood for Country, Bluegrass, and Blues it would be the birthplace of Punk. This great release known as Little Steven’s Underground Garage presents: CBGB FOREVER has Fourteen studio tracks, including RARE cuts from Green Day, U2 and Foo Fighters. Plus additional songs from Audioslave, Ramones, Good Charlotte, Talking Heads, Rancid, Velvet Revolver and more. Liner notes by Lenny Kaye (guitarist for Patti Smith Group & producer of NUGGETS compilation). Features artwork by Arturo Vega, artistic director for The Ramones. I can feel myself there again, as I was fortunate enough to see a few shows there, especially when hearing the middle of the album Patti Smith Group doing Till Victory. If you were another fortunate soul who stepped into the doors and walked the walk, you need to add this to your history…if you were not able to get there, this will help give you a good idea of just how good it rerally did sound at CBGBs.

CBGB FOREVER & RIP Mr. Hilly Kristal

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