I saw the Ditty Bops…and they were

And they were! There was no messin’ around, oh wait…yes there was. Abby and Amanda (the Ditty Bops) were dressed like vegetables, to help promote local farmers and sustainable community farming, on their FARM TOUR 2007. So the carrot did a duet of a childhood lullaby, written for her, by her mother. And the singing partner this night was in fact, her mother. The sharp honey sounds, combined with a toy-box filled with an assortment of instruments affectionately plucked with a cynical sweetness. The Barrymore was lined with a local farmers market in the halls leading into the ballroom. There was, as should be, plenty of down home dancers, including several in the single digit age group. Kudos to the band/the venue/ and the families for making this friendly for all ears. On the most theatrical moment of the evening, during “your head’s too big”, the was a plea to re-use bags and a cry of stop relying on plastics…oh yeah, complete with props. Included from the prop closet was, and I get excited thinking about it…Bubblewrap.

I encourage families to get to know the Ditty Bops, and go on out and meet up with them in a live setting and support what they are doing. It’s for good.

dittybops 0019.jpg
thanks to Sybil

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