Hilario Duran holds the key.

Decided to head out for some dinner and free, that’s right free entertainment last night. Jazz at Five is a free event on Wednesday early evenings and this week featured local act the Jeanne Woodall Quartet at 5pm followed by the Hilario Durán Trio. Mr. Duran is a pianist, composer, bandleader and arranger of the first order and last nights showing left all in attendance knowing exactly why he is held in such high regard. Hypnotically attacking the keyboard with an arsenal of tools that includes runs executed in octaves, block chords at fast tempos, and that method so characteristic of Cuban pianists, his style and grace are unparalleled. The sounds burst off of the keys with an electric energy that traveled directly into the glass-rounded room with a captivating glow of natures very own accompanying lighting storm. This was my first musical event since reaching the Mad City and it did not disappoint. And for those of you asking: What was the choice for dinner? Well, Turkish dumplings stuffed with Beef Tenderloin covered with a spicy curry sauce was what hit the G’s-spot, which turned out to be a great warm up for the show.

Hilario Duran 0021.jpg
Hilario Durán 8/22/07

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