Chemical Brothers:We are the Night

Psychodelic GRANDE Beat sounds extraordinary– ‘We Are The Night‘ is the sixth studio album from the duo of Ed Simonsand & Tom Rowland. It starts with Willy Masons short dramatic intro which he states ‘There’s no path to follow‘, which would be more awe-striking to me if seen in a live setting. ‘We are the night‘ explodes with pulsating 4/4 beats and the psychedelic layers build and build until a house of hybrid sounds is built. Track #4,’Saturate‘ is an electronic speed stepping race in high, I mean high paced competition, this track is a serious workout, a full days work, but worth every drop of sweat. ‘Do it again‘ is the first single off the album, listen to it and you’ll see exactly why. I am not at all into the goofy ‘Salmon Song‘, it makes me skip with a heavy thumb onto the next track. Speaking of the next track: Burst Generator, is that genre bent sound storm that I seek in an album, it has the energy of a new born cub and the drive of a steam locomotive gone astray. I will leave my thought there, as I want to hear some feedback from the thirsty eared and open minded.

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