Seriously Sirsy

Last week ended in a rockin’ fashion for me. On Friday night, I kicked back with the large crowd of happy concert goers and watched SIRSY take the Main Pub in Manchester Connecticut by a dynamic duo storm. I honestly feel that this is what they would do at a festival, an intimate gathering or even just a small birthday party. Melanie is as pleasant off stage as she is on, she will electrify, energize and make all your parts move with a, errrrrrrrr certain tingle. Rich is on guitar, bass sounds and a little bass/snare with his feet. He is steady flowing man, taking the sounds into medleys and bouncing it off and back into original tracks that really pump!!! Melanie, standing up (oh yeah) wails on the drum kit like it cheated on her, makes magic happen with each beat…also plays the flute, sings and takes the crowd into her hands and molds them into rock -n- roll Sirsy soldiers, poised to take on the night together. Thanks to Keith at the Main Pub in Manchester for getting this band to the thirsty earholes of the people in this area. Folks, you should be talking your local club owners into bringing this act to a place near you….NOW!!



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