A few of my Favorite Things…

Last Thursday, I was able to be a part of a the experience known as a Derek Trucks Band show. The venue, the Warner Theatre in Torrington, Connecticut is a beautiful spot to hear and feel such a blend of vibrant and alive sounds. You all know how much we like this band on the radio program, well when you remind yourself with a live performance, it really opens up many more avenues that remind us that genres don’t always have a place in the musical world. Kofi was multi-tasking all night long, Todd was all smiles as the notes proved to be an experiment at times. Count M’Butu was his classic self, dancing the robot and keeping the rhythm in all our steps while Yonrico made sure we got a significant amount of rock and roll flavors. Mike‘s voice is from a soulful planet somewhere I have never yet seen, but am thankful to be a part of, and it is even better live. There were moments during the show, but mainly during the solo/song ‘These are a Few of my Favorite Things‘, where I swear I saw both the ghosts of Jimi Hendrix and John Coltrane peek around the curtain to see what Derek was pulling off out there. There was a moment where he struck a note or four, while bending the top string around the back of the neck of his guitar. Simply Amazing!

If you can,you should always go and see the Derek Trucks Band play live, as you will not come home disappointed. But I bet you knew that!


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