Chillin’ wit some Nasty Beats Y’all.

I had an itch that needed to be scratched and there was only one cure…6 turntables and a Reggae Dub Trio named Zion Blood. There were dueling turntables throughout this night with heavy psychodelia and scratch-tastic beat dropping. The turntables even got involved in the dub action staying all around the stage while Zion Blood kept the irie feelings in the haze. Oh yeah. This was an inventive, creative soundscape of imagination and vinal madness. DJ Reazon, DJ Axel Foley and DJ Mister Rourke brought the noize to this quaint spot in the quiet corner of Connecticut. Tyrone Farm hosted this madness in their beautiful barn that would make any farmer jealous…if they didn’t have animals. If you are someone who often says that there is nothing good happening out there, you just haven’t thought about it long enough or you might need to tune into greenarrowradio for some live music to open your minds and fill up those thirsty earholes. You won’t be going down the wrong avenue if one of these fine DJ’s is making magic in your neck of the woods. Supposrt live music!


Dj Reazon & DJ Mister Rourke at Tyrone Farm

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