G. Love at Lupo’s in Providence

The place was packed with a group ready to hip, hop and bounce around to the good time feelings and sound of G. Love & the Special Sauce. There was a nice blend here of new album material both with the Special Sauce and acoustic G. As with the majority of the crowd, Garret doesn’t stay still very long on stage, slapping five with the folks in the front and movin’ and shakin’ it the entire show. The energy and fervor really spill over onto the crowd like a guitar pick being tossed into the front rows. The band rocked and rolled into the early hours and made us all feel cooler than we felt before we walked into the Heartbreak Hotel, and I for one, still feel like the FONZ to this moment after sharing some time being a part of this event. Ayyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeee!!

G during ‘Shootin Hoops’

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