Coach Knight…Winning with less.

Robert Montgomery (Bobby or Bob) Knight (born October 25, 1940 in Massillon, Ohio, USA), known as The General, is the head men’s basketball coach at Texas Tech University. He previously held the same position at Indiana University and the United States Military Academy. Knight is one of NCAA Division I college basketball’s most controversial coaches in terms of his behavior. On December 23, 2006 Coach Knight tied Dean Smith for most coaching victories with 879. He passed Smith on January 1, 2007 with a 70-68 win over New Mexico. Coach Knight takes average players and makes them understand the game. He doesn’t get a bench filled with future NBA all-stars, but takes a group of young men who think they know the game of basketball, and shows them a completely different game. Almost like he has had a different seat the whole time. Coach Knight, although a media favorite because he answers the questions his way, he motivates his way BUT he WINS, like a TEAM.


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