Top 10 (or so) of 2006

Yeah so I couldn’t just limit it to 10 top albums of 2006 so there are a few more but still, a few too little I am sure.

Here’s the way it looks for the top 10 or so of 2006 for greenarrowradio:
honorable mentions:
The Wood Brothers- Ways Not to Lose- Blue Note
King Johnson- Live- Royal Kook

Liquid Soul- One Two Punch- Soul What Records
Easy Star All Stars- RadioDread- EasyStar
Tony Tyler Trance- self titled- Atlas Records
Pedro Arevalo- & Friends- DeepBlueSea
Honeytribe- Torch- Livewire
there is a tie for the #5 spot
Skeebo Knight- Tales From Wimbish Woods- Big Hair
Melvin Sparks- Groove on Up- Savant
Derek Trucks Band- Songlines- Columbia
Hazmat Modine- Bahamut- Barbes
ScrapOmatic- Alligator Love Cry- Landslide

and coming in at NUMBER 1 & receiving the 1st GREENARROW AWARD for the YEAR 2006

greenarrow 121x91.gif-thumb_121_91.gif

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