ScrapOmatic: Alligator Love Cry

Here is an album for those of you with a taste for something soulful, playful and has a whistling captivation that’ll have you tapping your feet and smiling with each note. The sound is alive with critters never seen before and although this music is certainly ROOTS music, it is the origin of this species of sound that requires many ears to listen, and perhaps someone will identify this rare treat. Mike Mattison on vocals charges the emotion of each song llowing us to climb right into the lyrics. Paul Olsen‘s guitar is like liquid magma, solid and flowing magically, weaving its own path with destinations at time unknown.
If you could take the guts out Tom Waits, the soul of James Browns‘ soul, and the spirit of one Mississippi John Hurt and put them all into an old cooking pot, that special ingredient that MA sprinkles on to give it that SOMETHING DIFFERENT must be SCRAPOMATIC.

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