Rest Peacefully Sandy West.

Sandy West was proud to be one of the founding members of The Runaways. While most teens were attending high school full time and planning for the prom, Sandy and The Runaways were forging a musical legacy. They were partly responsible for the punk movement, and played with or inspired bands like The Ramones, The Sex Pistols and Blondie.
After the band’s breakup, Sandy teamed with Lita Ford for a short period and continued to play. She fronted The Sandy West Band in the 80s and has appeared from time to time with former bandmate Cherie Currie. She released an EP of her own material and became an artist on Rocket City Records. Over time, Sandy proved that she was much more than just a hard rocking drummer. She was also a talented front-woman, guitarist and songwriter, and often jumped from drums to the lead mic during shows. Sandy has inspired a wide number of drummers, male and female alike, and attacked her drums with a passion reserved for those who were truly born to play.
In 2006, Sandy was diagnosed with cancer and passed away after a hard fight on October 21, 2006. Besides leaving behind a musical legacy, she left a great number of people who love her dearly. Her influence remains strong in everyone who knew her, appreciated her and loved her and in all the drummers who picked up the sticks “to be just like Sandy West.”


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