Live Music is Better.

This past week I have had the best time. Having a sit down dinner and conversations with Mike Mattison and Paul Olsen from ScrapOmatic. Then the fellas reminded the people at Toad’s Place in New Haven what it is all about. The howlin’ soul of Mike’s voice along with the perfectly place notes of Mike’s guitar, they play off each other with a jester’s spirit while those in attendence kept in tune while clapping along. It was like being with a group of friends around a bon-fire, in the woods, deep in the woods. If you like your music with some soul and you like your people real..this is the band for you.

I also had the chance to catch up with Devon Allman and his band Honeytribe. Pedro Arevalo plays slide, George Potsos on bass and Jack Kirkner on keys and Mark Oyarzabal on drums…this band brings the kitchen sink out each night, with authentic blues rock with a handshakes worth of soul. The synergy of this band on stage is something to behold. Shifting from fiery delta blues standards to their own rock-based material, this band inspires all who bear witness to their live performances. Honeytribe has something for all music lovers.

Get out and see both of these acts whenever possible, but in the meantime keep your thirsty ears tuned into greenarrowradio to hear ScrapOmatic and Honeytribe and a whole world of new music for your open minds. LIVE MUSIC IS BETTER…BUMPER STICKERS SHOULD BE ISSUED!



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