Crossing the Line in NCAA hoops?

Well, you be the judge. Is this a mere case of outstanding razzin’ in the modern age or is this just plain mean?
When USC guard Gabe Pruitt went up to take his first free throws during the game, he was greeted by the Cal fans with a rousing chorus of “Vic-tor-ia! Vic-tor-ia!” and a phone number. Pruitt went on to miss both free throws. Now, you might be asking, who is Victoria and why would the Cal fans chant out her name? Well, it turns out that days before, members of the Cal Rally Committee IM’ed Pruitt and pretended to be a UCLA co-ed named Victoria. They even sent fake pictures of “Victoria.” After going back and forth, the Cal students hooked, lined, and sinkered Gabe into thinking he was going to get the hook up after the game and so he gave “Victoria” his phone number and, well, that’s how he found his phone number not only chanted back at him, but held up on signs during the game.
Pruitt went onto go only 3 for 13 the whole night and Cal went onto win by eleven. While it’s hard to say whether or not Pruitt was fazed by all of this, if Cal fans want to go ahead and think they had a hand in it, they certainly have every right to. Cal’s team is currently considered to be a “bubble” team and unsure what the Tourney Gods have for them. While Cal’s RPI ranking might be not so hot, this stunt should give them a much higher FPO (Fans Punking Opponents) ranking. And if that’s not good enough, they should be let in only to see what they could cook up for J.J. Redick.

I think I am just plain impressed.

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